We're Inspired By You Manc is a technology and gaming company founded in 2019. We have a huge technology and online background which began in 1999. Our objective in Manc is mix technological innovation and artistic creativity to develop high quality mobile games that will lasts for decades. At manc team every member is so valuable and have a unique chance genuine chance to contribute to the final product and have an impact on the company
101 is one of the most played board games of all time and 101 Muhabbet is the first mobile application version in the world that allows voice chat. In 101 Muhabbet thousands of people are active at the same time and they play 101 while they're chatting bu voice. You can chat as in the physical environment while playing 101 Muhabbet. You can play and spend your time with your friends. Although you can catch the opportunity of meeting new people. 101 Muhabbet; The World’s first boards game with voice chat! See more...
Okey is one of the most played board games of all time and Okey Muhabbet is the first mobile application in the world that allows voice chat. In Okey Muhabbet, where hundreds of thousands of people are active at the same time. You can chat as in the physical environment while playing Okey Muhabbet. You can play and spend your time with your friends. Although you can catch the opportunity of meeting new people. Okey Muhabbet; The World’s first boards game with voice chat! See more...
Rummikub is one of the most played board games in the world based on the Okey game played in Anatolia. This game is extremely fun and can be played with 2 or 4 people. Each player takes 14 tiles and places them on his rack. In order to place tiles on the table, each player must make an initial play of at least 30 points in one or more sets. Play continues until one player empties his rack. See more...
Are you ready to dive into the mancland meta-city? Travel the mancland, overcome obstacles, gain energy and earn mancium. The healthier you are, the more you can travel. Take care of the health of your mancpac and dust off the mancland meta-city. Remember that who travels a lot earns a lot. The game is on the way
Building a huge city won't be easy. When you're performing the tasks you've been given, you have to think like an engineer, when you're designing your city, you've to be like an architect. You have to be better than your opponents and work all the time. After resolving every difficult task, you will get a great reward to improve your city moreover. Solve the puzzle, build your city and get the glory. Catch up for it. It will be available on this year...
How about turning your knowledge into cash? You can challenge multiple competition modes, whether you're alone, with friends, or by heading out in the arena and challenging millions. Earn as much as you know, put your name on the weekly leaderboards. Winning has never been easier! Available on April 2023!
Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level! City traffic racing! Become the city streets racing champion! Real car, real track, real time racing with epic drift stunts. Climb the Banner!
Are you ready for real-time-based battles with your opponents? Don’t you dare the forget! A horseshoe saves a horse, a commander can save an army. Get a good army, the right commander, and powerful weapons. If you analyzed your opponent correctly and deployed your army with perfect strategy, no one can stand before you. You're the ruler of a state in this wonderful real-time game, and citizens are waiting for good news from you. Intelligence, strategy, and power need to be used correctly together. Come on, show yourself! Coming soon...
Create your character and head out to Arena! Fight like a true hero and protect your family. Every piece of equipment and every detail is important in this challenge, so watch your diet and training. Hire good trainers and guides, stay out of bad habits. You have to keep improving yourself. Don't forget! 'A warrior seeks to act rather than talk.' You have to be smart and work hard! Be ready, come out and show yourself. The game is on the way
Finding treasure has never been more fun. Feed your centuries-old instinct of discovery with City Treasure. Travel across the real world, discover the treasures around you, protect the treasures you found from other people. Remember, this is a game integrated into the real world. Get into the top 100 in the weekly leaderboard and earn valuable real rewards. Search is begining soon...
This game introduces people to the love of animals. It aims to meet the needs of shelter and nutrition by donating to stray animals. Choose an animal character and start living life through its eyes. In the meantime, you need to protect your character from bad people and other wild animals on the street. You can buy beautiful accessories for yourself or develop new abilities and stay one step ahead of others. Most of the earnings from the game will be donated to stray animals. Don't you like being part of a social responsibility project when you're playing games easily?
Everyone likes to cook, but only chefs cook real meals. Each chef has his secrets and prescriptions he learned from their master. You have to follow the other chefs while they cook, learn their tips, and be better than them. The student becomes the master, right? You have to put the materials you've been given the right way, plan your budget right and be fast. Top of Chef’s League is waiting for you. Let's go, let's go!
Manc Mobile is the fastest growing company of Turkey and the MENA Region in Interactive Applications and Games. It turns classic games into a mobile application with a different vision and prepares dozens of games with brand new scenarios with its vision. Manc’s games and applications have been downloaded by millions of people in 23 countries. Manc, a brand of DNC, which has initiatives in Digital Media, Software, Advertising Technologies, and many other fields, continues on its way with the target of 25M+ downloads as of the end of 2023.
Open Positions

Juniour Backend Developer

A good engineer should fit the team. Our products are results of our hard-working engineers. We are looking for a fresh graduate Software Engineer. Together with your team you will be crafting code that brings to life game features and updates based on feedbacks. More we work more we face better problems. And this lead our problem solving skills to a better place. You can join our team and help our growth.

Senior Backend Developer

Coding is more than a job for us! Software engineering is the most important thing of our lives for everyone of us. We don’t design anything with the first version that comes to mind. Every product is developed by our unique and experienced artists and updated all the time. We have bittersweet moments of designing during developing process but create our product with the right coding at the end. We are in love with technology, we wake up to learn new things to keep up every day. Our engineering perspective is focused on finished product rather than working hours. As our products are reaching millions of users we enrich our engineering alongside your feedbacks. We work in a highly agile environment alongside artists and product specialists to ensure that mechanics, artwork and code blend in harmony in our products.


We are looking for a talented Illustrator to help us develop cutting-edge visual elements for our products. You will act as the driving creative force for our products, participating in the design execution from concept to completion. Here we have a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment within the same team who pursue quality, and have a thirst for innovation. We need someone who is excited to be part of the team to create stunning work.  


We are looking for a 3D Artist to visualize imaginary ads that will engage with our audience. You’ll work within product team to produce cutting-edge environments and visual elements for our products.3D Artists are working closely with engineers and product managers as well as with artists in the team. Together we are always endeavoring to learn more from new challenges, pursue quality, and have a thirst for innovation.

React - Unity

Are you passionate about gaming and want gamers everywhere to enjoy your work? If so, we’ve got something in common! We are thrilled to be able to create mobile games which are enjoyed by millions around the world. As a UI Designer, you will be involved in all aspects of the game development circle, executing all UI design stages from initial concept to the final hand-off to engineering. You will cooperate with product designers, artists and engineers to define and implement innovative solutions for the improvement of product directions, visuals, and experience. As one of the key members of the team, you will create a smooth, functional, intuitive, and entertaining user experience for our games.